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I was introduced to Cardio Miracle through a video series, Supplements Revealed, where John Hewlett was interviewed regarding the formulation of Cardio Miracle and the benefits that increased nitric oxide levels offered. Well, I was convinced, for myself and I use Cardio Miracle, for heart health and so many other benefits. That is why I want you to consider adding Cardio Miracle to your regimen. Take a look at the information below, and you will be convinced as well. I am hopeful.  How about you?

Proprietary formula for heart health and improved immunity

Increase your blood flow to deliver more vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to your entire body
and instantly begin to improve your entire circulatory system.

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Tested at Ohio University Biochemistry Research Laboratory

Tadeuez Malinski, Ph.D. led an in vitro research study on Cardio Miracle that measured bioavailable nitric oxide production in single endothelial cells.

Using nanotechnology, Dr. Malinski found that Cardio Miracle stimulates nitric oxide production and release in the endothelium, forming a thin protective layer in the vascular system essential to healthy blood flow.

"Cardio Miracle is the ONLY supplement my wife and I take every day. The formula is superior to anything I have ever seen in the market. Cardio Miracle is a critical part of my prevention efforts to fight genetics and the stress and challenges of life."

Dr. Brad Nelson - Author,  "The Emotion Code"

"I was introduced to Cardio Miracle several years ago while at Hippocrates Institute. Having been trained as a biochemist at Harvard and Cambridge I was skeptical, but I personally saw significant improvements in my health. I take it every day and recommend to fellow professionals and patients."

     Dr. Joshua Helman - Emergency Medicine Physician

"I was recommended to Cardio Miracle several years ago. My personal results have been remarkable in many areas. I am going strong at age 88, with Cardio Miracle contributing greatly to my health and my ability to continue my busy schedule. I highly recommend."

     G. Edward Griffin - Author of "World without Cancer" and "The Creature from Jekyll Island"


"I've been doing triathlons for 15 years. I've been taking Cardio Miracle for several years. From the first time I took it, I felt an immediate difference. I just love the product."

Clark Bayles, Triathlete

"I take Cardio Miracle before my workouts, and I feel the benefits every day! Thank you Cardio Miracle."

Marci Campbell, Ph.D.

"Because of my great results from Cardio Miracle, I want my loved ones on it too."

Jason Buck, Retired Football
All-American Champion


Why haven't I heard more about nitric oxide?

The benefits of nitric oxide were discovered less than 35 years ago, and researchers of nitric oxide's role in the body were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998. Nitric oxide is stimulated by arginine, other amino acids, green vegetables, and exotic fruits. Thousands of studies in recent years now address the importance of nitric oxide.

Does Cardio Miracle cost more than other online nitric oxide products?

At face value it does. Price versus cost is always an important qualification of value to the consumer. You often get what you pay for with products and services. Cardio Miracle uses the finest organic and natural ingredients when possible and has over 50 ingredients to support its proprietary dual pathway nitric oxide delivery. It also delivers antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and other ingredients to contribute to the body’s health. Cardio Miracle’s money back guarantee on your satisfaction is second to none. In addition, Cardio Miracle is the only nitric oxide product that has been clinically proven to create nitric oxide at the cellular level in the laboratory of Professor Tadeusz Malinski at the University of Ohio.

How much should I take each day?

The recommended daily dose is one serving twice a day. For best results it should not be directly combined with protein. People looking for faster results or participating in strenuous activity can double up and take more servings as needed.

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